How to Use a Chainsaw Mill

A chainsaw mill is a tool used to turn large logs into usable lumber. It consists of a bar and chain assembly that is attached to the log being milled, and driven by an engine. To use the mill you will need to secure it onto the log with clamps or other attachments, depending on what type of mill you have.

Then start up your chainsaw and adjust its depth for proper cutting thickness; this can be done with an adjustable guide or rail. Make sure there are no obstacles in the way before beginning your cut, then slowly pull the saw through while keeping pressure against the log surface. Repeat until you’ve reached your desired width of lumber, then move on to another part of the log if necessary.

When finished always make sure to clean off any sawdust from both yourself as well as any surfaces around you for safety reasons!

  • Step 1: Assemble the Chainsaw Mill Start by assembling the chainsaw mill. This involves attaching it to your chainsaw, usually with two bolts and nuts. Make sure that all components are securely fastened before proceeding.
  • Step 2: Prepare Your Log – Before operating the chainsaw mill, you’ll need to prepare your log first. Position it on a flat surface and make sure it is level so that when you cut through it, the boards will be straight. Securely clamp down one end of the log so that it doesn’t move during cutting
  • Step 3: Adjust Settings – Once everything has been set up, adjust any settings such as blade depth or angle if necessary for optimal performance according to what type of wood you’re cutting and its size/shape.
  • Step 4: Cut Away – Hold onto both handles firmly as you begin cutting away at your log in short strokes until you reach your desired length or shape for each board or plank cut from the log. You may need help from someone else holding onto either end of long logs while sawing them apart safely into manageable pieces.

Granberg Chainsaw Mill

The Granberg Chainsaw Mill is a great tool for anyone looking to turn their chainsaw into an efficient, portable sawmill. This device attaches directly to the chainsaw bar and converts it into a milling machine that can cut beams, rafters, posts, and planks from logs up to 20 inches in diameter. It is lightweight and easy to use, making it perfect for the do-it-yourselfer or professional woodworker alike.

With its adjustable cutting depth and precision cuts, this chainsaw mill provides consistent results with minimal effort.

Homemade Chainsaw Mill Guide Rails

Making your own chainsaw mill guide rails can be a great way to save money while still ensuring accuracy and quality in your project. Guide rails are necessary for providing support as the chainsaw moves along a log, allowing you to achieve smooth, accurate cuts with minimal vibration. Homemade guide rails may require some effort and ingenuity but they provide an inexpensive alternative to buying pre-made guide rails from a store.

This type of DIY project is achievable for anyone with basic woodworking skills or access to simple tools such as saws and drills. With careful planning and preparation, you can easily create durable homemade chainsaw mill guide rails that will last many projects!

Chainsaw Milling Attachment

Chainsaw milling attachments are a great way to save time and money when it comes to cutting logs for lumber. These attachments can be fit onto most standard chainsaws, allowing the user to quickly and easily transform their regular saw into a mobile sawmill. This attachment allows users to cut boards from large logs with precision, creating boards of any size or thickness they need.

Not only does this make the job faster and easier, but it also helps ensure that every board is exactly what you need for your project.

Chainsaw Milling Techniques

Chainsaw milling is a popular technique for harvesting wood from fallen trees or logs that are too large to be moved. This method uses a chainsaw, which is mounted on an adjustable frame, to cut through the log while the operator controls its speed and direction. The resulting lumber can then be used in various applications such as furniture making, cabinetry, and even boat building.

Chainsaw milling requires skill and experience but can provide unique results with a more rustic look than other milling methods.

Ladder Chainsaw Mill

A ladder chainsaw mill is a tool that can be used to cut large pieces of lumber from logs. It consists of two long rails with a platform, on which the chainsaw is mounted. The operator stands on the platform and holds onto the rails as they move down the log, allowing them to make precise cuts at any angle or depth desired.

This type of sawmill is great for those who need to make quick work out of cutting large amounts of wood into smaller boards or planks quickly and accurately.

How to Use a Chainsaw Mill


Is Chainsaw Milling Worth It?

Chainsaw milling can be a great way to save money and time when it comes to creating lumber from logs. It is typically much less expensive than traditional milling methods, as the only required equipment is a chainsaw. Furthermore, it requires minimal setup time and allows you to quickly cut boards of any size directly from your own logs.

In addition, many people find that chainsaw mills provide greater control over the quality of their finished product since they have more control over how thick or thin each board will be. For those looking for an affordable solution for creating lumber out of their own trees, chainsaw milling may well be worth it!

How Long Does It Take to Mill With a Chainsaw?

Milling with a chainsaw typically takes longer than an industrial milling process. Depending on the size of your project, it can take anywhere from several hours to days. It is important to consider the complexity of the job and any unexpected delays that may arise when determining how long it will take you to complete your milling project with a chainsaw.

Additionally, factors such as blade sharpness and type, type of saw used, operator skill level, and desired finish quality all play into how long milling with a chainsaw will last.

How Do You Get a Smooth Cut on a Chainsaw Mill?

To get a smooth cut on a chainsaw mill, you need to make sure that the saw is properly sharpened and tensioned. You also want to use a high-quality chain with low side clearance so that it follows the contours of the wood better. Additionally, reduce vibration as much as possible by using anti-vibration accessories and mounting your saw onto a sturdy base.

Finally, feed slowly and steadily when cutting – this will help ensure an even cut across the entire length of your board.

How Do You Cut Lumber With a Chainsaw Mill?

Cutting lumber with a chainsaw mill is an easy and efficient process. To begin, you should set up the mill on a flat surface, such as a table or workbench. Secure the sawmill to the surface using clamps or screws so that it won’t move during operation.

Make sure your chainsaw is in good condition with proper tension and sharp blades before beginning. Next, insert the log onto the sawmill bed and secure it using wedges if needed. Finally, start cutting along your desired planks by pushing the blade into the wood at a slow and steady pace while keeping pressure against both sides of your cut line for an even finish.

It’s important to take frequent breaks while cutting as this can be quite strenuous work!

Chainsaw MILL | How to Slab a Log | Simple Cheap Portable


Using a chainsaw mill is an excellent way to turn trees and logs into usable lumber. It can be intimidating for those without experience, but with the right preparation and knowledge, it can easily become a straightforward process. Chainsaw mills are easy to use, cost-effective, and create custom pieces of wood that you would otherwise have difficulty obtaining.

They are also portable which makes them ideal for home or professional builders who need to work on remote sites away from traditional sawmills. With practice and patience, anyone can learn how to use a chainsaw mill safely and effectively in order to make the unique pieces of lumber they require.

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