How to Oil an Electric Chainsaw

To oil an electric chainsaw, start by ensuring that the saw is unplugged and cooled down. Next, remove the bar cover and check if it has enough lubrication. If not, fill up the tank with a high-grade chainsaw oil or bar lube recommended for your model of saw. After filling up the tank with oil, … Read more

How to Remove the Clutch from Chainsaw

1. Start by ensuring that the engine is off and disconnecting the spark plug wire. 2. Remove any external parts, such as covers and guards, to access the clutch mechanism. 3. Unscrew the nuts or bolts holding the clutch cover in place with a socket wrench or screwdriver, depending on your saw model’s design. 4. … Read more

How to Test a Chainsaw Coil

To test a chainsaw coil, start by turning off the engine and disconnecting the spark plug wire from the spark plug. Then remove any debris from around the ignition module or flywheel area with a brush. Next, make sure that all of the wiring is secure and properly connected to their respective terminals on both … Read more

How to Start a Stubborn Chainsaw

To start a stubborn chainsaw, begin by making sure that the chain brake is engaged and fuel tank is full of clean, fresh fuel. Make sure all air vents are clear of debris and the spark plug wire is connected securely to the spark plug. Pull out the choke lever for cold starts or push … Read more