Best Arborist Chainsaw Review | Comparison Guide

Top Quick Arborist Chainsaw List By Expert

  1. Husqvarna Top Handle Saw, Mid Size, Orange review
  2. Makita Lithium-Ion chainsaw with brushless & cordless review
  3. SALEM MASTER Chainsaw with Petrol Gasoline review
  4. Makita XCU06Z Lithium-Ion Chainsaw review
  5. CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Chainsaw Review
  6. Echo Top Handle Chainsaw review
  7. Tanaka Rear Handle Chainsaw review

Several arborist chainsaws are widely available if you are in a hurry to get a good one. A chainsaw is a transportable saw that is battery-enabled, even in an electric mood, or gasoline too. These specialized machines hold a comprehensive nature in cutting the trees, timbers, etc.

A set of teeth enables this efficient tool for digging deep into the materials smoothly. When I used to go to the nearby forest in childhood, I felt sad seeing the trees decrease. Then once I found that some people were cutting down trees with some massive, noisy tools.

Haven’t you got any recalls regarding this tool? As it covers several heavy tasks, people often use it for their versatile executions.

Through the evolution of technology, several types of chainsaw grow that can keep you confused, don’t these? This review will reveal the most dependable insights that appear in finding the best arborist chainsaw.

Top 7 Best Arborist Chainsaws Review

Before deciding to buy a particular one, search the market to get a better insight. Several brands have emerged in this industry that come with different strategies. Meanwhile, you have to be wiser for comparing these traits with your priorities to choose the best arborist chainsaw for your works.

1. Husqvarna 966997203 T435 | Best Top Handle Chainsaw

Husqvarna Top Handle Saw

All the features and benefits make it more attractive to the users. So, purchasing this model will not be a wrong decision this chainsaw model from Husqvarna is an anti-vibrated tool that is highly suitable for heavy wood cutting. To reduce the user’s fatigue, it comes with noiseless features. Besides, it contributes a lot of unique traits to the users.

The benefit of side-chain stress lets you stretch it up during your job. Apart from fulfilling lower fuel expenditure, it also lessens the exhaust ejection level. You will find enough flexibility to attach the rope and winch the saw up.

As soon as extensibility comes into the discussion, it has fewer competitors in the business. For a better gripping and overall design, the Husqvarna top handle chainsaw has become a famous model to purchase. Besides, you can get an excellent cutting event that also saves you time.

Moreover, it will ensure long-lasting durability. As it contains a chain break window, you will get better visibility of the bar tip. Also, this gas-enabled tool comes with an elegant design.


  • Inertia-enabled chain braking system for safety.
  • Keeping dust out of the air cleanser
  • Air needle systems hold more massive particles.


  • Great for small jobs.
  • Lower fuel exhaustion.
  • Easy to drive.
  • Diminish vibration.


  • Tiny gas tank
  • A bit complex to start over

2. Makita Lithium-Ion chainsaw with brushless & cordless review

Makita Lithium-Ion chainsaw

If you want to execute your work in a short period, this model from Makita can be a savior of your requirements. So, before buying the chainsaw, you can put it on the list as it provides several benefits. Besides, chain adjustment without a tool comes for your proper operation and maintenance nicely.

You will find fewer models where this chain advantage exists. In addition to that, getting a built-in lock-off arm is a great relief that blocks chains from engaging unintentionally. Also, there is a massive oil filling gate by which you can quickly check and add the bar oil level.

A built-in LED switch goes automatically on or off based on when the action gets delayed for extensive battery life. The Lithium-Ion battery can act so well that it doesn’t drop the 18V platform. Apart from these, Makita is highly a user-friendly brand that keeps the users comfortable by reducing the low noise level.

It is enabled with extreme protection technology that can increase dust and water shields. These stunning features can undoubtedly attract any user. For its versatility nature, it has become a top model where the users can feel reliable.


  • Providing high efficient motor equivalent to a 32cc gas chainsaw.
  • Having inconsistent speed trigger along with high chain speed.
  • Chain pitch of 3/8 inches for the suitable procedure.


  • Effective performance with higher cutting speed
  • Built-in LED function
  • Easy to use
  • Batteries offer lengthened usage


  • Fittings are less user-friendly
  • Horizontal cuttings are not available

3. SALEM MASTER Chainsaw with Petrol Gasoline review


Salem Master is famous for its high-performing chainsaw. This model is proper for handheld and cordless that produce extreme power to the chain. It can exceed more than 8500 rpm while it is positively perfect for cutting trees and splitting firewood.

This more eminent model outfits with a premium-quality chain. As it is a profoundly long-lasting and fast cutter, you will find wear resistance that gets harder to drop a chain. As a result, you can use it for a long time without any harm to your cutter.

The auto oiler supplying system provides a constant supply of chains and bars. It also maintains the tool to enlarge the life span. Handle substances appear first if you talk about flexibility.

Manufacturers of Salem Master also give concern to the handle. It delivers an ergonomic design that is not greasy. These whole materials assist you to keep them in a delicate balance.

You will be highly satisfied to find out the chain brake stopper. It keeps you safe and prevents the chainsaw from any accidental starting. Also, there is a super carburetor that is a copper nozzle type.

It forms the inner atomization more stable and robust. Moreover, there is a stunning air filtering process that is tool-free. Enabled with the double hole displacement design, it can immediately release air and make it easier to clean.


  • Auto oil stock system for endless lubricating process
  • A comfortable non-slippery handle can reduce the engine shake
  • Air cleaner eliminates exhaust gas and controls cylinder stability


  • Providing high performance
  • Superior quality
  • Coming with auto oiler
  • Best in high safety


  • Harder to find replacing parts
  • The plastic part needs removing from the chain bar

4. Makita XCU06Z Lithium-Ion Chainsaw review

Makita XCU06Z Lithium-Ion Chainsaw

In today’s world, most chainsaw users prefer to have cordless choices to gas-enabled power equipment. Meanwhile, Makita meets the user’s demand in its chainsaw model. An extended line of cordless OPE, it contains one of the most powerful motors.

You will get fewer vibrations or noise while executing your works. As it is highly active in doing tree cuts correctly, you can cut cordwoods with it. Also, it requires less maintenance for your convenience.

This high-performed chainsaw provides endless comfort and flexibility as the manufacturers have made the handles more ideal and best-fitted. They have used an 18V Lithium battery for generating the highest speed along with run-time. Besides, it holds a changeable speed trigger with a vast chain speed.

You don’t have to bother about tapping the fuel for adjustment. Adjustable and automatic chain greasing is another significant trait of this model. Besides, a built-in locking-off tool gives you an extensive advantage to block the chain from any unintentional engaging.

Also, you will get an electric braking system that keeps the rate of productivity maximum. It has a guide bar chain that sticks with a seized nut.


  • Adjustable chain lubrication with a transparent and massive oil reservoir
  • The power button gets automatically off after 60 seconds of rest
  • Having torque-lifted mode for splitting solid materials


  • Providing high power efficiency
  • Slow chain speed keeps it safe
  • Less expensive
  • Coming with four batteries and a charger


  • The control switch turns off within 4-5 seconds
  • Design is average

5. CRAFTSMAN V20 | Best Cordless Chainsaw Review

CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Chainsaw

Craftsman is a well-renowned brand that brings several necessary tools to the market.  As flexibility comes forward, manufacturers from Craftsman pay concern to it. Having a high capacity battery-package, it can ensure you an extensive run-time.

As you need the fastest cutting while maintaining perfection, this model is best-fitted to carry on. For accurate and level cuts, it comes with tool-less tensioning. Besides, you need minimum maintenance that will push it active for a long time.

Its compact design can ensure you execute cutting in small spaces. Also, it comes with a battery and charger. Most of the brands don’t provide any replacement advantages.

But Craftsman ensures you have replacement parts available. If you look at the handle parts, these make you well-balanced and comfortable. For this reason, this model has become the best handle chainsaw in the market.

Apart from comfort, high-quality materials lie on the parts. Besides, it gives you a three-year limited warranty that is very standard for keeping a chainsaw.


  • Having a high volume 4.0Ah battery set for expansive run-time
  • Bubble Level permits users for cutting precisely
  • A perfect tool for lawns up to a quarter of an acre


  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to start
  • Extremely well-balanced
  • Lots of power in a relatively tiny bundle


  • quite expensive
  • top-handle design poses some issues often

6. Echo CS-355T | Best Climbing Chainsaw Review

Echo Top Handle Chainsaw

This two-stroke engine-based chainsaw model comes with the unique traits of the Echo. You will find it best in pruning limbs, taking down a full tree, cutting heavy woods, etc. Having two bar lengths of 14 and 16 inches, it has an adjustable oiler.

As it has an easy-controlling system, you can’t resist buying it. You will get enormous flexibility from its molded handle. As the grips contain premium-quality materials, you can operate them for a long time.

Gripping is very easy that fits nicely into your hand. Consequently, this model is one of the best echo top handle chainsaws. Also, you will enjoy a better wrist position that comforts your cutting.

As it tackles you from tough jobs, you can smoothly do heavy work in less time. Every Echo chainsaw can provide the users with prolonged and hassle-free cutting service. Besides, you will get satisfied to the fullest by having an easy and smooth journey with this user-friendly tool.


  • Double stroker motor of professional-grade 35.8cc
  • Adaptable clutch-driven oiler acts automatically
  • An effortless opening system for comfortable start-ups


  • Comfortable top handle
  • Easy to use
  • Containing an automatic, adjustable clutch-driven oiler
  • Lightweight


  • Often requires refueling with petrol
  • A huge top handle creates a problem for shorter people

7. Tanaka Rear Handle Chainsaw review

Tanaka Rear Handle Chainsaw

This commercial-used chainsaw is one of the best-selling products of Tanaka. The rear handle chainsaw with a purifier motor is very frequent in cutting large trees and woods. Besides, users get a clean and robust performance from the model of Tanaka.

You will require less fuel ejection for your works. The decompressed valve executes this tool to start flexibly. As a result, you have enough scopes to get controlling for easier cuts.

Operate it with an automatic oiler that creates enough room for the users to adjust it manually. Besides, it has less vibration than other models so that you will never feel so tired. As a result, it ensures comfort, along with fewer fatigues. A robust double braking handle keeps you safer.


  • Providing robust performance with less fuel consumption
  • Having a 50.1cc industrial-grade purifier motor
  • Bringing seven-year consumer, and two-year commercial warranty


  • Price is cheaper comparatively
  • Easy to start
  • Faster performance
  • Accessible chain adjustment


  • Fewer complaints show that it leaks oils
  • Might create problems for lengthy works

How To Choose The Right Top Handle Chainsaw For Arborist


Without ensuring safety, it is very tough to do a job like this. So, before buying an arborist chainsaw, you must want to ensure safety issues. While several brands are available with different benefits, you will find unique and comfortable handle designs and protective shields. Besides, you can add some protective equipment such as head protection, gloves, safety glass, etc.

Source of Power

Without having a better source of power, you can not make the chainsaw journey durable enough. In general, battery-powered electric chainsaws come with Lithium-Ion standards. Moreover, the double-stroke motor with a higher cc will make your chainsaw faster.

Chain and Bar Length

Determining your chain and bar length of the chainsaw is also crucial to pay attention to. In general, you can define the suitable length by tree size. If you are an expert in handling a chainsaw, you can access a minimum of two different guide bar lengths.

It can allow you to use the various bar lengths in cutting different sizes of trees, woods. The shorter bar pulls less weight so that you can shift it comfortably when to eliminate tree limbs.


Before buying the best arborist chainsaw, you need to search for a comfortable product among several brands. You will find some chainsaws having a comfy and grippy handle that makes your work easier. Besides, the protective shield or noiseless, anti-vibrated features can ensure a comfortable experience.


Anyone will look for a lightweight tool like a chainsaw for their flexibility and safety. While you work on the top of the tree; or upper from the ground, you need to protect yourself. A less-weighted chainsaw can suitably support you in doing the works in difficulty.


Without having a better handle system, you can not feel enough comfort. Besides, the top-handle chainsaws are compact and less weighted. As a result, you can use it with one hand.

If you are taking down trees, it is suitable to select a rear-handle model that contains a wide handgrip. Also, the handle materials with high-quality metal ensure overall flexibility.


You undoubtedly want your chainsaw to perform incredibly well for a long time. As you have decided to buy this, you might not want to buy a short-periodic chainsaw. Nowadays, you will find numerous features that serve durability and flexibility. These are the key components to make the overall performance higher.

Automatic chain oiler

You will find different features and benefits of chain oilers among the chainsaw models. An automated chain oiler can lubricate the chain without activating it manually. Suitable and compact chain lubrication is mandatory for getting secured and efficient cuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use a chainsaw with two hands safely?

Yes, you can use both hands while executing the works. Some models, especially from Husqvarna can provide you specialized chainsaws. You can execute these by single hand too.

2. Can I customize my carburetor?

As the carburetor comes with a conventional environment, you will find a maximum fuel-air mixture. In most of these, you can only adjust the engine idle speed with precise limits.

3. Which features should I pay the most attention to?

As it’s up to your priorities and requirements, you should check first the prolonged durable one that can serve you for a long time. Then, check out the handle and overall material details for your flexibility and a better experience.

4. I have tiny spaces to execute works. Which chainsaw should I prefer?

As most of the brands come with their compact models’ design, you may find comfort on around 12 inches compactness in the chainsaw.

Final Words

As a chainsaw brings a lot of importance to your cutting, you need a perfect one to handle all works. Before buying the chainsaw, preparing your priorities is so crucial. Besides, there are several brands available with different traits and expertise.

Without getting confused, finding out the best-fitted tool is an ideal solution. You will find some brands that provide versatility in traits suitable for anyone. Apart from flexibility and long durability, there are available several significant traits that you should follow. So, unless getting confused, pick the best arborist chainsaw for the works that can serve you for a long time.