How to Tighten Chain on Stihl Chainsaw

To tighten the chain on a Stihl chainsaw, you must loosen the bar nuts and adjust the tensioning screw. Start by loosening both of the bar nuts with a wrench while holding onto the clutch cover. Then, turn the tensioning screw clockwise until it stops.

Place your thumb over the chain drive link and pull up firmly on it; if there is more than 1 inch of chain slack then you need to continue tightening it further. Finally, retighten both bar nuts so that they are snug but not overly tight before testing out your saw again.

  • Preparing the Saw: Before attempting to tighten the chain on a Stihl chainsaw, make sure that it is turned off and unplugged.
  • If you have been using it recently, wait until it cools down before continuing with this process
  • Removing Chain Cover: Start by removing the chain cover from your Stihl chainsaw so that you can access the bar and saw chain inside of it.
  • This should be done carefully, as pulling too hard can result in damage to both components or other parts of your saw.
  • Locate Adjustment Screws: Once the cover has been removed, locate two adjustment screws on either side of your saw near where the bar connects to its body.
  • These screws control how tight or loose your saw’s chain is when running – one for tightening and one for loosening respectively.
  • Turning Adjustment Screws: To begin tightening your Stihl chainsaw’s chain, turn only one screw clockwise with an appropriate-sized screwdriver or wrench until it stops moving further into its housing (do not over-tighten).
  • Doing this will help ensure there isn’t any slack in your saw’s drive system when operating at full speed later on down the line – preventing potential damage due to wear and tear over time!
  • Replacing Chain Cover: After turning both adjustment screws appropriately (one clockwise and one counterclockwise), replace the cover onto your Stihl chainsaw securely before testing out its new tightness level while running at idle speeds first before increasing power levels afterward if needed.
How to Tighten Chain on Stihl Chainsaw


How Do You Tighten a Chain on a Chainsaw?

To tighten a chain on a chainsaw, first, make sure the engine is off and there are no combustible materials in the area. Then loosen the sprocket cover screws with a screwdriver or an adjustable wrench if necessary. Remove the cover to expose the drive sprocket, then rotate it slowly until you can see where one of the drive links fits into it.

Push this link back into place and ensure that all other links are secured properly. Finally, use your adjustable wrench to tighten all of the sprocket cover screws evenly so that they fit snugly around the chain bar.

How Do You Adjust the Chain Tension on a Stihl Ms 170 Chainsaw?

Adjusting the chain tension on a Stihl MS 170 chainsaw is an important part of regular maintenance and upkeep. To adjust the chain tension, first, ensure that the saw is turned off and cooled down. Next, use your fingers to lift up on the guide bar until you can fit two coins between it and the bottom plate of the saw; this will allow for proper adjustment of the chain tension.

Finally, loosen or tighten both nuts located on either side of the recoil starter using a flathead screwdriver. Make sure to check your work by repeating these steps every few weeks or after cutting hardwood with more force than normal in order to maintain optimal performance from your chainsaw and keep it running smoothly.

How Do You Tighten the Chain on a Stihl Ms250?

To tighten the chain on a Stihl MS250, first, locate the tensioning screw and adjust it with a 3/8-inch wrench. Turn the tensioning screw clockwise until you feel some resistance before tightening it all the way. Once tight, pull the saw chain away from the guide bar and check for slack in the chain links.

If there is still slack, repeat this process until all of it has been taken up. Finally, use an Allen key to lock down both nuts located at either end of the guide bar so that your tension stays put!

How Do You Tighten a Stihl Blade?

To properly tighten a Stihl blade, you must first locate the two screws on either side of the blade. Once located, use an appropriate-sized screwdriver to loosen both screws and then slide the blade onto the spindle until it is snug against the washer or retaining ring. Now re-tighten the two screws that were loosened earlier in opposite directions with equal force.

Be sure not to over-tighten them as this could cause damage to your saw blade or even risk injury due to a broken saw blade flying off at high speeds. The last step is to adjust the tension by using a simple wrench if needed and ensure that your new installation is tight enough for proper operation but not so tight that it causes excessive wear on other components of your saw.

How To Adjust STIHL Saw Chain | STIHL Tutorial

How to Tighten Chain on Stihl Rollomatic E Mini

Tightening a chain on a Stihl Rollomatic E Mini is relatively easy. First, make sure the chainsaw is turned off and that there is no spark plug contact. Using a bar-nose scrench and an adjustable wrench, loosen the two nuts at the back of the guide bar until they can be unscrewed by hand.

Then adjust the tensioning screw to increase or reduce tension on the chain until it feels tight enough to cut effectively without slipping or jumping while in use. Finally, reattach and tighten both nuts with your tools before starting your chainsaw again.

How to Tighten Chain on Stihl Chainsaw Ms170

If you need to tighten the chain on your Stihl MS170 chainsaw, first make sure that the saw is turned off and unplugged. Then, remove the bar cover by unscrewing the two screws located on either side of it. Adjust the tension screw found in front of the sprocket until you feel a slight resistance when pulling on the chain.

Finally, replace and secure the bar cover back into place with screws before turning your chainsaw back on.

Stihl Chainsaw Tension Screw Not Working

If you own a Stihl chainsaw and the tension screw is not working correctly, it can be an indication of a few potential issues. The most common cause is that the chain brakes are misaligned or need to be adjusted; however, if this does not fix the problem, then it may be due to worn-out parts such as sprockets or drive links. It is important to check all components for wear and tear before attempting any adjustments in order to ensure the proper functioning of your chainsaw.

How to Tighten Chain on Stihl Chainsaw Ms180C

To tighten the chain on your Stihl MS180C chainsaw, first, make sure that the sprocket cover is securely fastened. Make sure the bar nuts are tightened and that the bar nuts wereher is in place. After this, you can use a 3/8″ wrench to turn the tensioning screw clockwise until it stops.

You can also check if the chain has been properly tensioned by seeing if you can move it up and down at least 1/4 inch from side to side when it is held near its center point. If not, repeat this process until it does meet this criteria.


In summary, tightening the chain on a Stihl Chainsaw is relatively simple as long as you have the right tools and follow all of the steps correctly. Make sure to always use caution and wear protective gear when working with any chainsaw. With proper maintenance, your Stihl Chainsaw should give you many years of reliable service.

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