How to Cut Wood Slices with Chainsaw (2 Easy Methods)

Sometimes we waste useful wood and other times we buy simple wood pieces at a higher price. So, what is the solution in this scenario? Sawing wood by a DIY method.

But is it safe? Definitely, yes, if you keep precautions, a chainsaw makes it effective and enhances your cutting experience.

Well, there is a lot to consider while cutting wood slices with a chainsaw. In this article, I will discuss in detail two methods that will help you cut wood slices using a chainsaw.

Supplies that You Would Need

Make sure that you have the following supplies before getting started!

  • Chainsaw
  • Measuring tape
  • Wooden piece to cut
  • Safety gloves (cut-resistant)
  • Safety shoes (heavy-duty)
  • Earbuds (hearing protection)
  • Protective clothes (if possible)
  • Helmet

The above equipment is basic and most important to have before starting the job. So, make sure about it. Other than that, if some special tool comes up according to the method opted, I will mention it and the method.

Chainsaw Check!

Before starting the cutting process, having a quick look at the machine is always a wise move to avoid unwanted. Following are some factors to make sure about in your chainsaw before cutting.


The chain oiler regularly oils the chain while in use. If it is not working properly, your chainsaw won’t work properly. Thus, you have to make sure about it.

Chain Catcher

The chain catcher protects the user if the saw breaks. If the chain catcher is not functioning properly, it can lead to serious injury. Thus, you should check it before start working.

Anti-Vibration System

To have a smooth experience and avoid vibrations while cutting wood slices, this system should be working properly. If somehow it gets worse, your hand will fatigue.


The kickback prevention system should be working properly as well. This helps in keeping your cutting experience smooth.

There are many other small factors that you should make sure of regarding the machine, working conditions, and safety parameters.


There are two methods that I am going to discuss. These are the common ones that you can easily adapt while cutting in your backyard.

  • Simple cutting
  • Precise cutting

Now, let’s discuss these in detail!

Simple Cutting

This method means that you just cut using your chainsaw on some wood piece to obtain slices. First off, let’s discuss what we will need in this process!

As this is a freehand process in which accuracy is not important, and you don’t want fine cuts, so you can use the general equipment mentioned above.

Once you are ready and covered all the safety parameters and checks, follow the steps below:

     1. The first step is to set the wooden piece to be cut into slices. You have to prop it up because you don’t want to cut it in a bad position.

     2. The next step is to avoid the tree knots as they are a hard part of the chainsaw. You should locate them first and then avoid them. Avoiding them will help reducing kickbacks and vibrations.

     3. The next step is to perform measurements according to your desired dimensions. You should keep a margin of the blade while performing markings and cutting to obtain good results.

     4. The next step is to saw! Hold the saw firmly in your hands. First, squeeze the throttle and then lower the blade towards the marking. Using gentle pressure, start cutting through the marking.

     5. Keep your focus on the marking to not deviate from it and repeat this process for all the cuttings.

This was a simple method where accuracy doesn’t matter to you, and you just want to reduce bigger-sized wooden pieces into smaller slices.

Precise Cutting

This is a crucial method where a lot of aspects are important to follow. This process is also known as cutting with a jig.

The crucial part of this method is the making of jig for your cutting process. Let’s get started with the steps.

     1. The first step is simple as before, where you prop up the workpiece to achieve a good cutting position.

     2. The second step is to find out the knots and avoid them while cutting to prevent kickbacks.

     3. The third step is to build the jig. Here you first have to measure the workpiece and, according to that, build a jig. The measurement is transferred to a 2 x 4. When you obtain the desired pieces,                 then you have to nail them to achieve the jig. You will have a 2 x 4 box at the end of this process.             You can also look for a detailed process of building jig on the internet.

     4. The next step is to prepare the chainsaw blade. For this, you have to have two equal pieces of 1”               thickness at least. Now, glue one piece to the base of the right side of the blade while the other piece near the tip on the same side. This is to raise the chainsaw chain and to make the sure perfect cut without touching the jig.

     5. Now time to set up the jig. Do it according to the slice dimensions you want. Always set it to have enough clearance above the jig. This is to have comfortable cutting and precise results.

     6. Now start sawing through the point of concern. First, squeeze the throttle and then start moving the chainsaw through the wooden log. Apply light pressure and let the blade do the magic.

     7. Stay focused to not distract from the desired cut. Use sharp blades to make sure good cutting.

     8. Finish it off and repeat the process until you achieve the desired target.

With proper arrangements, this method provides accurate cuts, and you can obtain useful slices out of your wooden log.

Chainsaw Health

The health of the machines that you use is important. To have them serve you endlessly, you should care about them and provide them proper maintenance regularly.

  • The first thing that you can do about it is checking the oil level of your engine and regularly replacing it.
  • The fuel should be used in a correct proportion, whereas the oil and gas mixture should be in the correct proportion as well.
  • The blades of the chainsaw should be sharp enough to keep working.
  • The filter should also be taken care of. Make sure that it doesn’t clog or block. This can affect the functionality of your chainsaw.
  • Proper cleaning and service of chainsaw increase its life.
  • Make sure that the chain is properly tight (neither too loose nor too tight).

You can use several other methods depending on your expertise and availability of equipment. Also, you can use different types of chainsaws as well. Generally, we have engine-based and motor-based chainsaws available.

Wrapping Up

A chainsaw is a great tool, but it asks for a great user. The user knows how to treat it the right way and maintain it. The user who knows how to use it properly. Thus, you should follow the correct steps in the correct manner to achieve better results. The methods I discussed are simple DIY techniques that you can perform in your backyard. So, don’t waste the valuable wood anymore and bring it to purpose!

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