Who Invented the Circular Saw Blade

The circular saw blade was invented in 1780 by a British engineer named Samuel Miller. He developed the first circular saw that used a continuous loop of steel to cut through wood and other materials. The blade was powered manually, usually with a crank handle or foot pedal.

It revolutionized the way carpentry and construction were done at the time, making it much easier to make precise cuts quickly. Since then, advancements in technology have made modern circular saw blades even more efficient and effective than their predecessors.

The invention of the circular saw blade is often credited to Tabitha Babbitt, a Shaker from Massachusetts in 1810. She was an innovator and tinkerer who developed the first model made out of steel blades set in a wooden wheel. This new tool revolutionized carpentry and woodworking; it allowed for faster cutting of large pieces of wood with greater precision than had been previously possible.

The modern version we use today has evolved over time thanks to further improvements by inventors like Matthew Stillman, who patented his own version in 1860.

Who Invented the Circular Saw Blade

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When was Circular Saw Blade Invented?

The circular saw blade was first invented in 1780 by English engineer, John Smeaton. He is credited with creating the earliest known version of a hand-powered cutting tool designed to cut wood. The circular saw blade used a flat steel disc that rotated around an arbor and was powered by a treadle-operated belt system.

It could be used for making all kinds of cuts, including crosscuts and rip cuts, and could also be used to shape curved sections like those found in furniture legs or chair arms. While it never caught on as widely as other inventions at the time, it proved to be an essential step toward modern power tools that are still used today.

Did a Woman Invent the Circular Saw?

No, the circular saw was not invented by a woman. The idea for the circular saw dates back to ancient Egypt in 3000 BC when Egyptians used a rotary cutting tool called the “pole lathe”. It wasn’t until 1777 that an Englishman named Samuel Miller improved this design and created what we now know as the modern-day circular saw.

This invention revolutionized carpentry and woodworking, but it was unfortunately not developed by a female inventor.

Did Skil Invent the Circular Saw?

No, Skil did not invent the circular saw. The first patent for a hand-held circular saw was granted in 1813 to an English inventor named William Newberry. In 1924, the Edmond Michel Company applied for and received a patent on an improved version of this same type of tool.

This design was eventually acquired by Raymond DeWalt who went on to start the DeWalt power tool company. It wasn’t until 1932 that SKIL (an acronym for ‘Saws – Kilovolts’) began manufacturing their own versions of these tools and eventually became one of the leading suppliers in North America.

What Did Tabitha Babbitt Invent?

Tabitha Babbitt was an American inventor who is best known for inventing the circular saw in 1813. She was a mill worker and a member of the Shaker religious community in Massachusetts. While working at the Saunderstown Mill, she noticed that it took two men to manually operate their pit saws; one person would stand above while another stood below and they would push back and forth.

Tabitha had an idea to combine both motions into one machine by placing a circular blade on top of an axle so that it could spin and cut through the wood instead of pushing back and forth. With her invention, only one man was needed to operate the device, making production times much faster than before.

Her invention led to greater efficiency for many industries including furniture manufacturing, home building & construction, carpentry & joinery work, and flooring installation as well as more accurate sizing & cutting abilities in general woodworking operations across all fields.

How I’ts Made Circular Saw Blades

Tabitha Babbitt Circular Saw

Tabitha Babbitt was an American inventor who is credited as the first woman to invent a power tool. In 1813, she invented the world’s first circular saw which revolutionized the lumber industry and made it much easier for mill operators to cut boards more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Her invention has been used in carpentry and construction since its original inception over 200 years ago.


The circular saw blade is a widely used tool that has revolutionized the construction industry. Its invention over 150 years ago by William Newberry has made jobs easier and faster, while allowing for the creation of complex structures more efficiently.

While there have been improvements in design since then, it is clear that without William Newberry’s contribution to the world of carpentry and home building, modern-day construction would not be what it is today.

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