How to Remove a Link from a Stihl Chainsaw Chain

To remove a link from your Stihl chainsaw chain, you’ll need an appropriate size drive link and some pliers. First, locate the damaged or worn out drive link that needs to be replaced. Then, use the pliers to twist off the old drive link.

After it is removed, slide in the new drive link onto the chain with one side of its loop facing up and away from you. Finally, twist on the new replacement drive link firmly until it clicks into place. Make sure all of your links are tight before using your saw again!

  • Begin by removing the guide bar and chain from the Stihl chainsaw
  • To do this, turn off the saw and make sure it is cool before proceeding
  • Lay out a clean cloth or shop rag to protect your work surface, then place the chain onto it so that all of its links are visible
  • Use a pair of chain pliers to open up one side link plate of the link you want to remove from your chain loop, taking care not to damage any other parts in the process
  • 4 Push on one end of the connecting pin with needle nose pliers or your finger until it pops out far enough for you to grab hold of it with another pair of pliers and pull it completely out from both sides of the link plates
  • The now-separated link can be removed from your chain loop at this point
How to Remove a Link from a Stihl Chainsaw Chain


How Do You Take the Link Out of a Stihl Chainsaw Chain?

To take the link out of a Stihl chainsaw chain, you will need to use a pair of pliers and some extra force. First, place the chain onto a flat surface with the drive links facing up. Then locate the split in between two plates that make up one drive link and insert your needle-nose pliers into it.

Apply pressure gradually until you feel it give way and then pull apart from each other. Once this is done, remove any pins or rivets holding them together. Finally, repeat this process on all remaining drive links until they are all separated from one another.

With these steps followed correctly you should have successfully removed the link from your Stihl chainsaw chain!

How Do You Shorten a Stihl Chainsaw Chain?

To shorten a Stihl chainsaw chain, you will need to first loosen the bar nuts and remove the spark plug boot. With the spark plug removed, take off the clutch cover and slide off both side plates of the guide bar. You will then be able to access both sides of your chainsaw’s drive links so that you can remove as many as needed in order to achieve your desired length.

Once complete, reassemble all components in reverse order and test for proper tension before use.

How Do You Remove Chainsaw Links?

Removing a chain from a chainsaw is done by first disengaging the saw’s clutch. Once this has been done, you can then remove the bar nuts and take out the drive link pins to separate the chain from the bar. You should then use a pair of pliers to pull off each individual link in order to completely remove it from your chainsaw.

It’s important to be sure that all links have been removed before replacing them with new ones or else they may not fit properly or work as efficiently. Finally, once all of the links are taken off, you should inspect them for wear and tear before putting on any new ones.

How Do You Fix a Stretched Chainsaw Chain?

To fix a stretched chainsaw chain, you will need to adjust the tension nut. First, take off the guide bar and chain from the saw and lay them on a flat surface. Then use an adjustable wrench to loosen the two nuts that hold the tensioner in place.

Next, turn the tensioning screw counterclockwise until it is as tight as possible against the chain – this will stretch out any slack in your chain. Finally, tighten up both of these nuts again before re-attaching your guide bar and chain back onto your saw. With this simple process, you should be able to restore proper tension to your chainsaw’s chain!

Chainsaws & Tools : How to Shorten the Chain on a Chainsaw

Chainsaw Link Removal Tool

The Chainsaw Link Removal Tool is a specially designed tool that allows for the easy and safe removal of chain links from chainsaws. It features an ergonomic handle, sharp-tipped prongs, and a comfortable grip to make the task easier and safer than ever before. With this tool, you can quickly remove any stuck or broken link from your chainsaw without damaging either the saw or yourself.

How to Shorten Chainsaw Chain Without Tool

Shortening a chainsaw chain without the use of specialized tools may seem daunting, but it can be done with some patience and care. First, you will need to secure your saw against a flat surface so that it is stable while working on it. Then you must locate the master link–the link with two pins instead of one–on the end of the chain and remove it using pliers or another gripping tool.

Finally, count out the desired number of links from the free end and then reconnect them with a new master link. Be sure to double check for proper fit before testing your new shorter chain!

How to Find the Master Link on a Chainsaw Chain

To find the master link on a chainsaw chain, first locate the drive links, which are the teeth that fit into the bar groove. Then, look for two side plates connected to each other by one or two rivets; this is your master link. It should be easy to spot and usually has writing stamped on it so you can identify it quickly.

Chainsaw Link Tool

The Chainsaw Link Tool is an innovative tool designed to make the process of sharpening a chainsaw easier and faster. It works by creating a link between your power drill and the chainsaw blade, allowing you to sharpen it with ease. This tool can save time compared to traditional methods of manual sharpening, as well as reduce fatigue due to its lightweight design.

The Chainsaw Link Tool is an ideal choice for those who want quick results when sharpening their chainsaws!


In conclusion, it is important to understand how to remove a link from a Stihl chainsaw chain. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily and safely replace or repair your chainsaw’s chain without having to take it into an expensive service center. With the right tools on hand and some patience, removing a link from your Stihl chainsaw chain should be easy enough for anyone with basic mechanical knowledge.

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