How to Put a Chain Back on an Electric Chainsaw

1. Unplug the chainsaw from its power source.

2. Turn it upside down and use a wrench to loosen the bar mounting nut located at the nose of the saw blade.

3. Remove the old chain, guide bar, and drive sprocket from the saw body.

4. Place a new chain around the guide bar with the side of each link that has writing facing outwards towards you when holding it in front of you with links pointing right-side up or downwards as needed for proper length fitment on your model electric chainsaw specifically instructed in the owners manual.

5. Orientate the drive sprocket so that cutters are pointing forward toward the tip of the blade then attach to the motor shaft by tightening the set screw securely or reinstalling the retaining bolt onto the crankshaft pulley depending on the model type electric Chainsaw used.

  • Turn off the chainsaw and wait for it to cool down: Before attempting to put a chainsaw chain back on, make sure that the saw has been turned off and allowed to cool down completely before you begin.
  • This is important in order to ensure that you do not get burned while working with the hot parts of the saw or accidentally start it up again while trying to replace the chain.
  • Remove any debris from around the blade: Once your electric chainsaw has cooled down, use a brush or rag to remove any dirt or debris from around where you need to work on replacing the chain.
  • Make sure that nothing can interfere with your ability to access certain nuts and bolts so that when you go about putting your new chain back on, everything goes smoothly as planned.
  • Unscrew any existing nut/bolt fastenings: After removing any unwanted material from around your electric chainsaw’s blade, unscrew all existing nut/bolt fastenings connected with keeping your current chain in place – this will enable you easy access for placing in a new one afterward without too much struggle!
  • Place in new electric sawchain into position: Now is time to insert your brand-new electric sawchain into its rightful location – be careful not to drop anything during this process as it may cause further damage if done carelessly! Align each link correctly by hand (or using pliers) until they fit snugly together before securing them tightly with screws/nuts once more accordingly afterward; making sure every component remains firmly fixed within place at all times throughout the installation procedure too!
  • Check tension of newly fitted chain: Finally, check that everything looks good and secure by checking out the tension of the newly fitted electric chainsaw chain – this should be done after each replacement process just in case something was wrong during installation without being noticed initially beforehand (this could save potentially burning yourself later!)
  • To test the correct tensioning level accurately, hold onto both ends of the links between thumb & forefinger then give them a gentle pull – if there’s no movement whatsoever then the perfect job has been completed successfully!
How to Put a Chain Back on an Electric Chainsaw


Why Does the Chain Keep Coming Off My Electric Chainsaw?

There are several reasons why the chain may be coming off your electric chainsaw. First, if the chain is loose it can slip off when you start cutting, so make sure to check that the chain tension is tight enough before starting. Additionally, if the bar or sprocket nose has been damaged due to running into something hard while cutting then this could cause the chain to come off as well.

Finally, a worn-out drive link could also be causing your problem – these links hold each of the cutters in place and can wear down over time and need replacing. If you suspect any of these issues then it’s best to take your saw for repair by an experienced technician who will be able to diagnose and fix the issue quickly and safely.

How Do You Put the Chain Back on a Kobalt Electric Chainsaw?

Putting the chain back on a Kobalt electric chainsaw is relatively straightforward. First, make sure that you have the correct replacement chain for your particular model of saw and ensure it’s properly tensioned before installation. Next, remove the bar cover and set aside the bar nuts and any other components needed to reinstall the cover.

Install the bottom part of your new chain onto the guide bar by positioning it in its groove and wrapping it around until there are an equal amount of links on either side of the nose sprocket. Then attach one end of your master link to these two sides, making sure they line up perfectly so that they can be easily connected with a pair of pliers or other appropriate tooling. Finally, reattach all associated parts such as washers and screws using their original torque settings and replace any worn parts if necessary before putting everything back together again!

How Do You Put the Chain Back on a Poulan Electric Chainsaw?

Putting the chain back on a Poulan electric chainsaw is fairly straightforward. The first step is to remove the bar and chain from the saw. This can be done by loosening the nuts located at each side of the bar with an adjustable wrench or socket set.

Once these are loose, you can lift off the bar and chain assembly from its mountings. Then, put your new replacement chain onto the guide bar, making sure that it’s properly aligned with all of its drive links facing down into their respective slots in order for them to engage correctly when tensioned up later on. Securely tighten up all four of your mounting nuts again before proceeding.

Finally, adjust your saw’s tension according to manufacturer instructions using either a 3/8-inch ratchet or a screwdriver until you have reached optimal tightness for proper cutting performance – usually between 1/4 and 1/2 inch past finger-tightened snugness will do!

How Do You Replace the Chain on a Cordless Chainsaw?

Replacing the chain on a cordless chainsaw is relatively easy. Before you begin, make sure to read the user manual that came with your saw so that you know what type and size of chain to use. Start by unplugging or taking out the battery from your saw, then loosen and remove the bar cover screws.

Next, slide off the guide bar along with any other components in order to access the drive sprocket and chain tensioner wheel. Use an adjustable wrench or pliers to loosen up both wheels and remove them completely before taking off the old chain from its guide bar studs. Now put in a new chain over studs, and put back all removed components including the old drive sprocket wheel and tensioner wheel as well as new guide bar cover screws.

Finally, plug back in/insert battery into your saw for testing purposes.

How to replace a chain on a chainsaw – Another part of our Ryobi 40V 14′ electric chainsaw review

How to Put a Chain Back on a Ryobi Electric Chainsaw

Putting a chain back on an electric Ryobi chainsaw is relatively straightforward. First, make sure the saw is unplugged and cooled off before attempting to work on it. Then use the proper size wrench to loosen the bar nuts located near the tip of the blade, while firmly holding onto both sides of the saw’s handle.

Once loose, gently slide out the old chain and place it in your new one with its teeth facing towards you. Securely tighten up all fasteners and test for any tension issues by turning on your chainsaw briefly and then turning it off again. With these simple steps, you can get your Ryobi electric chainsaw back up and running in no time!

How to Tighten Chain on Worx Electric Chainsaw

To tighten the chain on your Worx electric chainsaw, first, make sure the power is off and that you’re wearing safety equipment. Then loosen the nuts located at both ends of the tensioner bar, using a screwdriver or an appropriate wrench. Next, turn the tension wheel clockwise with your hand until it feels tight before tightening each nut back in place.

Finally, check to make sure that you can no longer move the chain by pulling it away from its guide bar. If necessary, repeat this process until you have achieved proper tension for your saw’s chain.

Worx 14” Electric Chainsaw Replacement Chain

The Worx 14” Electric Chainsaw Replacement Chain is an ideal replacement for your existing chainsaw chain. This chain is made from high-grade steel which ensures it will last longer and provide a cleaner, more efficient cut than the standard chain that comes with most electric chainsaws. It’s designed to fit all Worx 14” electric chainsaws, so you can be sure it will fit properly and securely when installed.

With proper maintenance, this durable replacement chain is sure to keep your saw running smoothly for years to come!

Worx Chainsaw Chain 10″

The Worx Chainsaw Chain 10″ is an ideal choice for cutting through branches and logs of all sizes. It features a heavy-duty steel construction that ensures durability, and its low-kickback design helps ensure safety while in use. The chain’s tensioning system also makes it easy to adjust the tightness of the chain without any additional tools, providing you with optimal performance every time.

With its robust build and reliable performance, this chainsaw chain is perfect for those who are looking to tackle bigger jobs around their yard or property.


Overall, replacing a chain on an electric chainsaw is not as daunting of a task as it may seem. With the right tools and knowledge, you can easily replace your chain in just a few simple steps. Be sure to take all necessary safety precautions and always wear protective gear when working with dangerous equipment such as an electric chainsaw.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be ready to get back out there and tackle any project!

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