How to Cut Firewood With a Chainsaw

To cut firewood with a chainsaw, start by gathering the required safety gear including eye protection, gloves, and ear protection. Next, find a suitable log to cut and secure it firmly in place on a flat surface. Place the saw’s cutting blade into the wood at an angle of 30-45 degrees.

Pull the starter cord or press the power button if your chainsaw is electric to get it running. Make sure that you are gripping both handlebars tightly before starting to cut through the log. Move slowly along its length for even cuts as you move towards completing your slice all the way through.

  • Put on appropriate safety gear: Before beginning to cut firewood with a chainsaw, it is important to make sure that you are wearing the right protective gear such as goggles, gloves, boots and ear protection
  • Start the saw: Make sure that your chainsaw has been properly maintained and fueled before starting it up according to manufacturer’s instructions
  • Set Up Your Cutting Area: Choose an area which is flat, level and clear of debris for cutting your firewood pieces
  • Make sure you have plenty of room for easy maneuvering around the logs you intend to split or chop into smaller sections for burning in a fireplace or stove
  • 4
  • Cut Firewood Logs Into Sections: When using a chainsaw for cutting firewood, be sure to use two hands when handling it at all times so as not to lose control of the tool while making cuts into logs or other large pieces of wood material needed for burning in a fireplace or stove later on down the line may need additional splitting after being initially chopped into sections by a chainsaw beforehand)
  • 5 Clean up & Store Chainsaw Properly : After completing your task of cutting firewood with a chainsaw , always remember to clean off any debris from its blade with an old rag before storing it away safely out-of-reach from children where no one can get injured if accidentally started up again without warning
How to Cut Firewood With a Chainsaw


What is the Best Way to Cut Wood With a Chainsaw?

When cutting wood with a chainsaw, safety should always be the number one priority. Before beginning any cut, make sure you are wearing protective footwear and clothing, as well as eye and ear protection. It is also important to ensure that the chain on your saw is sharp and lubricated.

When starting a cut, begin by making an initial plunge into the wood that is approximately one-third of its total depth before continuing in a straight line along the length of the board until complete. Make sure you do not force or rush through cuts by guiding your saw slowly while keeping it level at all times. Additionally, when possible avoid cutting curves since this can create kickback which may cause serious injury if proper safety precautions are not taken.

Can You Use a Chainsaw for Firewood?

Yes, you can use a chainsaw for firewood. A chainsaw is an incredibly powerful and versatile tool that allows you to cut through logs of all sizes quickly and efficiently. When using a chainsaw to cut firewood, it’s important to ensure the saw blade is sharpened regularly so that it can make clean cuts with minimal effort.

Additionally, safety should always be your top priority; wear protective gear such as eye protection, gloves, boots and long pants whenever operating a chainsaw. With proper care and caution, using a chainsaw for firewood will help make quick work of any cutting job.

Is It Easier to Cut Wet Or Dry Wood With a Chainsaw?

When it comes to cutting wood with a chainsaw, it is generally easier to cut wet wood than dry wood. Wet wood has higher moisture content and therefore is softer, making it easier for the saw to penetrate. Additionally, the water helps lubricate the surface of the wood so that friction between the saw and timber is reduced.

Dry wood on the other hand tends to be harder and more resistant which can make it difficult for a chainsaw blade to cut through without getting stuck or bogged down in some cases. Therefore, if you are looking for an efficient way of cutting your timber then wet wood would be your best bet!

How Do You Support Logs While Cutting With a Chainsaw?

When cutting with a chainsaw, it is important to support the logs you are cutting by using either a sawbuck, log jack or cant hook. A sawbuck is an X-shaped frame built from two pieces of lumber that can hold and support logs for easy, safe crosscutting. A log jack is similar to a sawbuck but designed specifically for rolling and lifting logs in order to make them easier to cut.

Finally, a cant hook also supports logs by gripping them firmly while allowing the user to pivot and roll them into position when needed. All three tools provide stability and prevent kickback during chainsaw use which makes cutting much safer.

How to Cut Firewood With a Chainsaw

How to Hold Logs While Cutting With Chainsaw

When cutting logs with a chainsaw, it’s important to make sure the log is firmly held in place. To do this, you should use either two saw horses or a sawhorse and an adjustable work support such as a clamp or vise grip to securely hold the log while you cut. Make sure that the chain doesn’t come into contact with any surfaces other than the log itself so that it won’t get damaged during cutting.

Finally, always wear safety equipment like gloves and ear protection when working with power tools like chainsaws.

How to Cut Firewood into Smaller Pieces

Cutting firewood into smaller pieces can be done easily with the right tools. For small logs and branches, a hand saw will get the job done quickly and efficiently. However, for larger logs, an electric chainsaw or even an axe is required to safely cut them down to size.

Make sure you wear proper safety gear before attempting to cut any firewood, such as steel-toed boots and protective eyewear. Always keep in mind that safety should always come first!

How to Cut Firewood on the Ground

Cutting firewood on the ground is a great way to save time and energy when you’re gathering wood for a fire. To do this, start by finding a large log that’s been lying on the ground for some time so it has had an opportunity to dry out. Then use an axe or saw to cut into pieces that are about 3 feet long and 6-8 inches in diameter.

Make sure your cuts are straight and even, using wedges if necessary to keep them from splitting apart as you chop through them. Finally, stack the logs up off the ground in order to ensure they stay dry until you need them.

How to Cut Firewood Fast

Cutting firewood requires a basic set of tools and the right technique. To speed up the process, make sure you are using a sharp chainsaw blade and wear protective gear such as ear protection, safety glasses and heavy-duty gloves. When cutting logs into smaller pieces, divide them into two sections by making an angled cut at one end before turning it over to make parallel cuts on either side of the center line.

This will help create equal-sized pieces more quickly than trying to manually measure each piece with a tape measure. Additionally, stacking your wood in neat piles will save time that would be spent searching for individual pieces when transporting or storing the wood later on.


In conclusion, cutting firewood with a chainsaw is not an overly difficult task. With the right knowledge and equipment, you can safely and efficiently cut down trees to create firewood for your home or campfire. Be sure to wear proper protective gear before starting the job, as well as keep safety in mind throughout the process.

Finally, make sure to properly maintain your chainsaw for optimal performance.

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